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City Employee Legal Publication Submittal Form

  1. Legal Publication Submittal Form Image
    Legal Publication Submittal Form Image
  2. Welcome to the City Employee Legal Publication Submittal Form

  3. This form ensures that the Clerk's Office is provided with the necessary information needed to submit a legal notice for publication. It also provides a better tracking system for the Clerk's Office to ensure that all publications are sent to the Journal Sentinel for publication. 

  4. The City's Official Newspaper is Waukesha NOW which is a publication of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Waukesha NOW prints legal notices every Wednesday. You must submit your legal publication using this form to the Clerk's Office no later than nine (9) days preceding your desired publication date.

  5. After you submit this form, the Clerk's Office will cc you on the initial legal publication email to the Journal Sentinel within 48 hours. If you do not receive this email, please immediately reach out to the Clerk's Office for assistance.

  6. You will also receive a second email which will contain the following: 

    • Proof of legal ad

    • Publication date(s)

    • Cost Information

    Approximately 7-10 business days after the last day of publication, the newspaper will mail the Clerk's Office a proof of publication affidavit. A copy of the affidavit will automatically be forwarded to you via email. 

    Moving forward, the Clerk's Office will print the legal notice publication or affidavit (if available) and bring this document with them to all Bid Openings that require their attendance. 

  7. Thank you for using this form. For any questions, please reach out to the Clerk's Department at (262) 786-8610 or send an email to the entire department at

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