City of New Berlin Revaluation/2018

2018 Revaluation Notice (PDF)

Purpose of Revaluations

A revaluation is the process of revaluing all taxable real and personal property in a municipality for the purpose of creating equitable assessments at market value. The State of Wisconsin requires assessments to be within 10% of full value (market value) at least once in a four-year period. The primary reasons for revaluation include:

  • Bringing current assessments within statutory guidelines
  • Eliminating inequities that may exist in the assessments of property

Uniformity, equity, and fairness are the core reasons for conducting revaluations.

Current Revaluation Cycle

The city is on a triennial revaluation cycle. The last city-wide revaluation was for 2018. The 2019 and 2020 assessment cycles are general maintenance years, with the assessor’s office accounting for assessment changes due to new construction, land splits, combinations, remodeling, and permit-related activity. The next revaluation is currently scheduled for 2021.

For More Information

For more information about revaluations, please contact the assessor's office at (262) 797-2465.