Have My Taxes Been Paid?

**2022 Tax info is now available online **

Tax Bill Lookup

In order to see whether or not taxes have been paid on a particular parcel, please view the Property Assessment and Tax Information webpage. You will need either the property address or the tax key number, which can be found at the upper right corner of the tax bill (remains the same from year to year)

When looking up taxes using the tax key number, use the number only - no spaces, dots, or dashes. Do not use the letters "NBC," which precede the tax key number. If using the address, direction and street type should remain at the "all" selection. 

While this is not a physical copy of the tax bill, this page can certainly be printed for purposes of payment verification and record.

Late Payments

The balance of taxes presented on this page does not include interest and penalties (if the payment is late).