Prescription Drug Dropbox

Prescription Drug Drop Off Box

The Public Safety Building, 16300 West National Avenue, has a drop box in the lobby area for all unused/expired medications (over the counter and prescription medicine - including pet medicines). Proper disposal of these medications is everyone's responsibility as a matter of public safety. Please empty your pill bottles into a sealable plastic baggie (available in our lobby) and discard empty pill bottles into the adjacent recycling container. 

This program is completely anonymous and helps our environment, prevents accidental poisoning, and helps reduce substance abuse and drug distribution.

We DO NOT accept inhalers, creams, needles/sharps (including EpiPens and diabetic lancets), biohazard materials, personal products (shampoos, soaps, lotions) or household hazardous waste (paint, pesticides, oil, gas, E-Cigarettes or vaping devices and associated paraphernalia.)

Thank you.