Ice and Snow Hints

Prepare for Old Man Winter

The Streets Department has issued some winter ice and snow control hints to City residents and asks for cooperation in the following:

When following a snowplow, maintain a safe distance of 200 feet or more. See Municipal Code 346.915(2). Snowplow drivers cannot see a tailgating vehicle, especially small cars.

Snow Plowing

When a homeowner cleans snow from his driveway, the snow should be pushed to the right side of the drive as you face the street so when the snowplow comes through it will take the snow from that area away from the driveway.

Residents are required to keep snow off the road when shoveling, plowing or snow blowing. See Municipal Code 230-11 ($102 fine)

The City uses salt and has found it is most effective in melting ice and snow and preventing bonding to the pavement that could result in hard packing on roads for long periods.

The 228 lineal miles and 630 lane miles of City streets and 450 cul-de-sacs are divided into 19 areas for snowplowing that are as equal in size as possible. During snow and ice control operations, main roads, intersections, and hilly streets come first.

A snow emergency is declared during the period of a severe snow storm or immediately thereafter. Vehicles are not permitted to park on any street or public parking lot during this time. Such procedure allows snow plows unimpeded access to move easily and quickly in removal operations. Your cooperation in removing snow in front of your mail box will be much appreciated, as will your patience and understanding when plowing operations occasionally block the front of your driveway.

The City of New Berlin will repair or replace any mailbox that is hit by a City plow. A temporary pole and mailbox will replace your damaged mailbox. In the spring, a Number 1 standard box and 4 x 4 post will be installed for a permanent replacement. Please check your mailbox and the post to make sure it is tight and stable as part of your annual fall maintenance projects. Please assist our snowplow drivers by removing snow in front of your mailbox.

The Street Department will again install sand barrels at dangerous intersections and on some hills for everyone's convenience.

Please remind your children not to stand close to the road. Also, if there are high banks of snow at the end of the driveway, don't allow your children to tunnel into them, because if a truck with a wing is plowing, someone could be injured or buried in the snow.

If you have further questions, please contact the Street Department at 262-780-4609.

Thank you and have a Safe Winter!