Street Repair

he City of New Berlin funds road repair and reconstruction projects through state and federal grants, county funds, and city-wide taxes. Individual homeowners are not assessed for street repairs in front of their property.

The City streets are maintained by the Street Department by patching potholes and minor repairs to prolong the life of the road. If you notice damage to the roadways please contact the Street Department at 262-780-4609

However, some roadways are maintained by Waukesha County. Those following roads are 

County Roads 

Beloit Road

Cleveland Avenue

College Avenue

Greenfield Avenue

Janesville Road 

Lawnsdale Road

Moorland Road

National Avenue

Racine Avenue

If you noticed a pothole on a County road, please contact the Waukesha County Highway Department at 262-548-7736.

For questions regarding road annual road resurfacing repairs or other road projects, please follow the link to the Engineering Department for most information or contact them at 262-797-2445. These larger projects are contracted out each year based on PASER ratings of the city streets.