Snow Plowing Operations

As part of living here in Wisconsin, we all have to put up with snow plowing operations. Watch for snow emergency situations that require extra caution. Part of this inconvenience is plow damage in those subdivisions that have concrete curbing. In the Fall, we assign the drivers to go through their areas and install plow markers along the road edge to help prevent this from occurring. Unfortunately, it isn’t always 100% effective. (It is a good idea to have sprinkler heads visible so drivers will not damage your irrigation system when installing plow markers).

Plow Fact Sheet

Snow Plow plowing snow

If by chance you do notice the grass "shaved" a little bit from the rest of your yard, or you have salt damage, give us a call and we'll put you on the plow damage list for repairs in the Spring. The Streets Division will return when weather permits and clean up the area, install topsoil, seed and cover the area with straw. We ask the resident to make sure the seed is watered regularly to ensure proper seed growth. Please also call or email our office if you have mailbox damage and see the policy on our website.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but under some circumstances, snowplow drivers have limited visibility (snow and ice tips)If you have questions, give us a call at 780-4609, we'll be happy to help you. For snow plow damage please contact us by email or phone.

County Road Snow Plowing Damage

Should you feel your property was damaged by a snow plow and you reside on a Waukesha County Maintained road, please contact the County Highway Department at 262-548-7736 Waukesha County Maintained roads are Beloit Road, Cleveland Avenue, College Avenue, Greenfield Avenue, Moorland Road, National Avenue and Racine Avenue.

Snow Emergency

A snow emergency is declared during the period of a severe snow storm or immediately thereafter. Vehicles are not permitted to park on any street or public parking lot during this time. Such procedure allows snow plows unimpeded access to move easily and quickly to remove snow.