Park and Facility Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects requests are submitted on a yearly basis for major park and facility improvement projects. Studies that aide in the selection of recommended projects include the Park and Open Space Plan, the ADA Facility Audit and Transition Plan and the CVMIC Playground Safety Inspection Report.

2022 Park Projects

Lions Park

2022 - Completion of phase 2 improvements including a new basketball court, concrete work adjacent to shelter #2 and the addition of swings at the playground.

Buena Park

2022 - Completion of improvements including the demolition of existing Shelter #1, Shelter #2 and Restrooms facilities, the construction of a new Shelter and new Restroom/Shelter Building, and trail replacements.

Malone Park

Spring/Summer 2022 - Design work for structures and trail replacement

November 14, 2022 - Plan Commission approval of the proposed design

2023 Park Projects

Buena Park

Spring 2023 - Design work for playground replacement

Maple Ridge Park

Spring 2023 - Design work for playground replacement