Ball Diamond Status


All games/practices utilizing the City’s Fields are ON AS SCHEDULED for Monday, August 24. (Updated at 4:20pm)

Pending no decisions have been made by 4:30pm by the Recreation Department, all field decisions are at the discretion of the coaches/umpires after 4:30pm.

Buena #1 West

Buena #2 East

Calhoun #1 South

Calhoun #2 Northwest

Calhoun #3 Northeast


Malone #2 (Youth)

Malone #3 (Hardball)

Malone #4 (Adult Softball)

Malone #5 (Adult Softball)

Malone #6 (Youth/Adult Softball)

Malone #7 (Youth)

Malone #8 (Youth)

Malone #9 (Youth)

ProHealth Care

Regal Park

Valley View #1 North

Valley View #2 South

Recreation Department Information Line


At your convenience 24 hours a day! Information regarding class cancellations, program updates, weather decisions and more. A decision regarding evening programs will be made at approximately 4:00 PM.

In the event of School District of New Berlin school closings, all activities scheduled at school sites, the Hickory Grove Center, or the New Berlin Community Center will automatically be canceled.