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Fair Housing

Down Payment Assistance & Closing Costs Application

The City of New Berlin has created a Down Payment Assistance and Closing Cost Program to assist first time home buyers purchase a single-family home in the City of New Berlin.  The City is also partnering with First Bank Financial Centre to provide assistance.    

Informational Flyer
Down Payment Assistance & Closing Costs Application


It is the policy of the City of New Berlin ("the City") to comply with Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended, (commonly known as the Fair Housing Act) by ensuring that its zoning and land use decisions do not discriminate against persons based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability, familial status or sex.  This policy means that, among other things, the City and all its officials, agents and employees will not discriminate in any aspect of housing based on these protected class characteristics, including by:

(A)  Making unavailable or denying a dwelling to any person based on race or color;

(B)  Discriminating against any person in the terms, conditions or privileges of a dwelling, or in the provision of services or facilities in connection therewith based on race or color;

(C)  Making, printing, or publishing , or causing to be made, printed or published any notice,statement or advertisement, with respect to a dwelling that indicates any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race or color;

(D) Representing to persons because of race or color that any dwelling is not available when such dwelling is in fact so available;

(E)  Interfering with any person in the exercise or enjoyment of, or on account of his having exercised, enjoyed, or on account of his having aided or encouraged any other person in the exercise or enjoyment of, any right protected by the Fair Housing Act;

(F)  Interfering with  the funding, development or construction of any affordable housing units because of race or color; and

(G) Discriminating on the basis of race or color in any aspect of the administration of its zoning, land use , or building ordinances, policies, practices or requirements, or processes relating to the use, construction or occupancy of dwellings.

Any person who believes that any of the above policies have been violated by the City may contact the City's Fair Housing Compliance Officer, Gregory Kessler at 262-797-2445 or by email e-mail, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development at 1-888-799-2085, or the U.S. Department of Justice at 1-800-896-7743 or 202-514-4713.

Resolution No. 12-22 - Nondiscrimination Policy
Resolution No. 12-13 - Resolution Proclaiming April Fair Housing Month In The City Of New Berlin
Ordinance No. 2491 - Ordinance To Create A Housing Trust Fund For the City of New Berlin

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