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Hickory Hills
Contact Information
Curt Podd
Hickory Hills Associates, LLC
(262) 271-3729
City Staff
Nikki Jones
Community Development Department - Planning
(262) 797-2445 ext. 2503

The applicant has filed a petition to modify the Planned Unit Development Overlay Ordinance #2205: The Hickory Hills PUD District for the properties located at approximately the following address and tax key ranges:
• 14613 W. Hickory Hills Drive through 14898 W. Hickory Hills Drive;
• 4728 S. Lynn Drive through 4895 S. Lynn Drive;
• 4803 S. Acorn Drive through 4899 S. Acorn Drive;
• Tax Key #’s: 1253-111 through 1253-178 AND 1254-211 through 1254-246

The original Hickory Hills PUD allowed for 26 four-family condominium sites (for a total of 104 units). To date, 8 four-family buildings (32 units) have been constructed. Mr. Podd now wishes to reduce the overall unit count from 104 units to 72 units by building 20 two-family condominium sites. 

A total of 40 new units will be constructed in lieu of the remaining planned 18 four-family style buildings (72 units). Per Zoning Code Section 275-20I, Mr. Podd has simultaneously filed a Use Approval application request to modify the original site plan and building architecture plans from four-family buildings to two-family buildings.

The Plan Commission held a public hearing on the PUD amendment on July 27, 2017.  The Plan Commission took action on the PUD amendment, as well as the Use, Site and Architecture requests at the August 30, 2017 Plan Commission meeting.  The PUD amendment was forwarded to the Common Council and approved at the September 26, 2017 meeting.