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2017 Park and Open Space Plan Update

The Department of Community Development is working with the Plan Commission on an overall update to the City's 2017 Park and Open Space Plan. The 2010 Park and Open Space Plan was adopted in April of 2010 and it has been approximately seven years since the adoption of the plan. Staff has determined it necessary to review the document and update basic housekeeping items to reflect City progress and growth since the last Plan Update in April of 2010.

The Plan Commission will serve as the Steering Committee for this update and will provide feedback on the proposed changes. Per State Statute, a public hearing will be held before the Plan Commission in order to present the proposed amendments. The Common Council will adopt the final changes via ordinance.

The Plan Commission will review the draft of the Park and Open Space Plan on March 6, 2017 and March 30, 2017.

Park and Open Space Plan