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Development Handbook
The Development Handbook is the City of New Berlin's Infrastructure Standards. The Development Handbook was revised and adopted by the Board of Public Works July 18, 2016. Any questions regarding the information contained in this handbook should be directed to the City of New Berlin Community Development Department at (262) 797-2445.

Complete Development Handbook

Individual Sections can be found below.
Pre-Construction Requirements  1.1 Construction Plan Standards
 1.2 Development Agreement
 1.3 Financial Guaranties
 1.4 Construction Management Developer Deposit
 1.5 Inspection Requirements
Water System  2.1 Specifications
 2.2 Abandonment
 2.3 Inspection
Sanitary System  3.1 Specifications
 3.2 Abandonment
 3.3 Inspection
Storm System  4.1 Specifications
 4.2 Inspection
Road System  5.1 Geometrics
 5.2 Specifications
 5.3 Inspection
Project Close-Out Documents
 6.1 Construction Inspection Binder
 6.2 Lien Waivers
 6.3 Asbuilts
 6.4 Easements
Document Templates Development Agreement
Stormwater Maintenance Agreement
Public Utility Easement
Letter of Credit
Bidder's Pre-Qualification Statement
Details  1 Typical Cross Section for a Residential Street
 2 Typical Cross Section for a Commercial/Industrial Street
 3 Typical Cul-De-Sac Detail
 4 Typical Acceleration/Deceleration Lane
 5 Mountable Curb & Gutter
 6 Vertical Face Curb & Gutter
 7 Road Underdrain Detail
 8 Concrete Invert
 9 Driveway Approach Urban Section
 10 Driveway Approach Rural Section
 11 Culvert End Walls
 12 Side Path Cross Section Through Driveway
 13 Side Path Cross Section
 14 Interim Pavement Inlet Design
 15 Behind the Curb Collector
 16 Sampling Manhole
 17 Pond Outlet
 18 Alternate Pond Outlet
 19 2-Unit Water Service
 20 Trench Check Dam