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The Landmarks ComCommission members_thumb.jpgmission was created by Common Council Ordinance No. 897 on May 23, 1989. (Subsequent Ordinances 960, 1085, 2037) The Commission is made up of 9 members (8 are appointed by the Mayor, and 1 is appointed by the Common Council President.) Members serve 3- Year Terms. Common Council member shall serve 1-Year Term.

The mission of the New Berlin Landmarks Commission is to serve the people of the City as stewards of historic districts, and to develop historical, cultural, social, political and economic interest in our community.  Continuation of our heritage for current and future generations is accomplished through the perpetuation and use of historic districts, and by educating the citizenry and fostering in them a deep sense of civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past and present.

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New Berlin History and Designated Landmarks
Information on New Berlin history and properties designated as New Berlin Landmarks can be found in Chapter 4 of the New Berlin 2020 Comprehensive Plan under the topic Cultural and Historic Resources.
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Please remember, with the exception of the Prospect Hill Historic Park, historic properties are private property and should only be viewed from the public corridor. Please respect the privacy of the Owners.