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Mailbox Damage from Snowplow
Mailbox Damage from Snow Plow

On April 5, 2000, The Board of Public Works approved a change to our mailbox liability policy. The policy is modified to include all mailbox damage attributed to snowplowing operations whether by actual contact with the plow or truck, or by the snow being plowed and damaging the box. The following procedures will be utilized:

1.  When damage is reported, a supervisor will verify the damage occurred as a result of the City of New Berlin's snowplowing.

2.  If the damage is attributed to either the plow hitting the box or the snow from the plow knocking down the box, repairs will be made as follows:

a.  If the post is broken, we will replace it with either a wooden 4" x 4" post or a 2- 1/2 diameter metal post in same style as the one broken or damaged.

b.  If the mailbox is knocked off or loose, we will reattach it or adequately secure it.

c. If the mailbox is crushed or broken, we will replace it with a standard silver City box or a box provided by the homeowner. If the homeowner provides the box, the City will reimburse the homeowner the value of the box or the cost of the box less the costs of other materials, not to exceed $50.00. The box must be similar to the box damaged to receive any reimbursement.

d. The homeowner has the option to make any repairs if he so chooses.  

3.  The City will install the post and mailbox unless the homeowner chooses to perform the repairs themselves. The City will not install any specialty mailboxes. If weather conditions don't permit permanent installation, a temporary repair will be made and a final repair will be made when weather conditions permit.

4.  If the homeowner chooses to perform the repairs themselves a mailbox damage claim will be completed by the Streets Division. The homeowner needs to bring in a receipt for the mailbox to the Utilities & Streets Department, 16550 W National Ave. This claim will be processed by the City Treasurer and a check (not to exceed $50.00) will be mailed to the homeowner in about two weeks.

5.  The Streets Division will maintain a log of all mailbox repairs with a date, address, type of damage repaired, costs of materials and time of labor for each repair.

If you have any questions regarding the mailbox repair policy, please contact the Streets Division at (262) 780-4609.

To view dimensions required by the US Post Office, click here.

Mail Box Blues

"Through rain, sleet or snow..." We've all heard these famous words before haven't we? Unfortunately there is another meaning to the word snow that wasn't taken into consideration when they were written so long ago. Snow plow, or "THOSE #%*# SNOW PLOWS!", is more like it!

There are certain requirements the United States Postal Service has for proper delivery of your precious correspondence, junk mail, and the ever popular bills to take place. The following illustrations indicate how proper placement should be followed. As part of our job to help ensure mail is delivered on a regular basis, we have to get as close as possible to the mail boxes when plowing. In doing this, there are occasions where the snow coming out of the end of the plow may?. oh, lets say?brush up against your mail receptacle. Unfortunately, if the mail box isn't secured properly or not constructed properly with all the clearance requirements, it will be set free of it's weak, improper restraints holding it to the post. Or, if your twenty five year old, nailed together, rotted, 2x4, "I was gonna fix it next year" post is laying in the ditch after a snow storm in January, you're going to regret not fixing it now. You see, frost 2+ feet thick prevents proper repairs taking place. So make sure the posts are in good shape and the boxes are properly secured to the post.

You have to be careful when purchasing a new mail box post. Some of the local hardware stores don't carry the correct length of post to ensure proper minimum height requirements. The fancy fish, helmets, and other decorative boxes just make bigger, flatter areas for the snow to hit. Oh, and don't forget the paper box. They should be installed with the same minimum requirements in mind too Remember, don't always blame the plow (or the driver), the snow itself coming out from the plow causes 99% of the mail box incidents. We're just out there trying to make your roads safe and passable for everyone.

In the very rare event the plow or truck themselves cause damage to the mail box, the Streets Division will only replace it with a standard metal type mail box, properly mounted on a 4x4 wooden post.