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Billing Schedule & Rates


Billing Period

Bills Mailed

Payment Due

First January 1 - March 31
April 7-10 April 30
Second April 1 - June 30
July 7-10 July 31
Third July 1 - September 30
October 7-10 October 31
Fourth October 1 - December 31
January 7-10 January 31

Please note: During the third quarter, all residential (1-2 family) water and sewer customers receive a summer sewer adjustment. Your third quarter sewer consumption will be based on your first quarter sewer consumption, unless your third quarter is smaller.

Failure to receive bills does not exempt residents of penalties.
    1% per month on all past due balances
    10% will be assessed November 1st for balances due prior to September 30th

All City residences are charged a $15.00 per quarter Stormwater fee.  Businesses are charged based on ERU's.

Water Rates
All vacant lots are charged $8.00 per quarter for water availability until the building is connected for service. View information on quarterly meter use charges.

Volumetric Usage Charge - (Please also click on the quarterly meter use charge above for that charge)
  • First 35,000 gallons used each quarter   - $4.21 per 1,000 gallons
  • Next 465,000 gallons used each quarter - $4.11 per 1,000 gallons
  • Over 500,000 gallons used each quarter - $3.26 per 1,000 gallons

Public Service Commission Case with Milwaukee Water Works

Public Notice of New Berlin Rate Case

Wastewater Rates
All vacant lots are charged $65.36 per quarter for sewer availability until the building is connected for service. Residential users are charged $2.1209 per 1,000 gallons used and a $158.38 per unit use and connection charge per quarter. Non-metered sewer use charges are $196.55 per quarter, which is based on $158.38 per unit use and connection charge per quarter and  $38.17 usage charge, which is based on MMSD's estimated residential volume of 17,995 gallons per quarter.

Commercial, industrial, and public sewer use charges are $7.29 per 1,000 gallons used plus $65.36 for connection charges per quarter.

Meter Reading Schedule for 2016:
  • 1st Quarter - February 17th to March 4th
  • 2nd Quarter - May 16th to June 1st 
  • 3rd Quarter - August 18th to August 31st
  • 4th Quarter - November 14th to December 1st

Meter Reading Schedule for 2017:
  • 1st Quarter - February 16th to February 24th
  • 2nd Quarter - May 18th to May 26th
  • 3rd Quarter - August 17th to August 25th
  • 4th Quarter - November 16th to November 22nd