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Park & Open Space Plan
The Park and Open Space Plan is intended to provide a sound and workable plan in guiding the acquisition of lands and the development of facilities to meet the outdoor recreation needs of city residents. The plan also aims to preserve wetlands, woodlands, stream corridors, and other natural resources within the city. Consistent implementation of this plan would, over time, provide an integrated system of park and open space sites within the city that would preserve important natural resource areas and provide New Berlin residents with opportunities to participate in a wide range of outdoor recreational activities.

Implementation & Funding
The City of New Berlin's Parks and Recreation Commission and the staff of the Recreation and Community Maintenance Department have primary responsibility for implementation of the Park and Open Space Plan. Funding to implement the plan, however, is the prerogative of the city's Common Council. The plan presented in this report should not be considered a budget document or viewed as a commitment on the part of the Common Council to provide funding for the recommended projects. Funding decisions are made by the Common Council as part of the annual city budget process and are based on available funds and consideration of a variety of other activities and projects competing for limited city financial resources.