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 Baseball Caps 003.jpg
New Berlin Rocks Baseball Caps
Other colors available
 New Berlin WI Baseball Caps
New Berlin WI Hats
White New Berlin T-Shirt.JPG 
City of New Berlin T-shirt
$12 (Adults Sizes)
$8 (Youth Sizes)
Gray Hoodie.JPG
Gray Hooded Sweatshirt
(Also available in black)
$21 (XXL $24)
Black T-shirt.JPG
(Also available in green)
$10 (XXL $12) 
Tangerine T-shirt.jpg
(Embossed Logo)
$10 (XXL $12)
 Maroon Long-Sleeve Windshirt
Maroon Fully-Lined Windshirts
Available in Adult Sizes Only
$34  (XXL $36)
 Black Polo Shirt.jpg
            Black Pullover
Available in Adult Sizes Only
$25 (XXL $26)
 Gold Youth T-shirts
Gold T-shirts
Available in Youth Sizes Only
 Blue Duffel Bag
Duffel Bag
  Blue Sweatshirt
Blue Sweatshirt
Available in Adult Sizes Only
 50th Anniversary Commemorative Plate
Commemorative Plate
For more information contact Melody Styba (262)-797-2441,
 stop by the Mayor's Office in City Hall or visit the Library gift shop.
Don't see what you're looking for?
Visit: http://www.companycasuals.com/chappellsports/start.jsp
and order what you prefer!