Board of Review


Member Position Term Expiration Date
William Ray Citizen Member, Alternate Three May 31, 2024
Gary R. Beier Citizen Member April 30, 2022
Clifford Pautz Citizen Member May 31, 2023
Georgia Stanford City Clerk, Secretary N/A
Paul Langer Citizen Member, Alternate One May 31, 2023
Mark Fichtel Citizen Member, Alternate Two
May 31, 2022
Paul Peterson Citizen Member May 31, 2019
Donald J. Starr Citizen Member May 31, 2020
Raymond A. West Citizen Member May 31, 2021


The Board of Review is authorized to hear citizen challenges to the value placed on their property by the city assessor's office. Evidence is presented by both the citizen and the assessor. The board then has the power to revise the property's value if it determines that it is warranted by reviewing the evidence.

The board is considered a quasi-judicial body, because it acts somewhat like a court by following accepted procedures and evaluating relevant facts in each case.